InspectTech is a provider of mobile inspection and asset management solutions, which enable clients to more effectively collect, analyze and manage inspection data. InspectTech’s software solutions lowers the total cost of inspections and guides the users to better, more informative decision making. Our software offers numerous advantages, including advanced report generation, security features, searching capabilities/data retrieval, enhanced richness of data (pictures, video, audio, and other PDF files) and many other features which add to the overall quality of the reports and productivity of management. InspectTech’s software can be used on a wide variety of assets such as: bridges, culverts, signs, light poles, antenna towers, storm water, guardrails, retaining walls, and other ancillary structures.

Our core proprietary software allows for quick and efficient integration of NBI, Pontis/Element Level data and custom databases into a single, easy to use, flexible system. We customize our core software to meet the exact needs of every client and specific job. InspectTech’s diverse and rapidly growing customer base includes over 60 different agencies and companies around the United States. We have implemented our core BridgeInspect Collector/Manager™ product for customers representing virtually all areas: Federal Agencies, State DOTs, Major Transit Agencies, Toll Authorities, Counties, Cities, and National and Local Consultants. Our primary goal is to help our clients manage and maintain their assets to the highest degree. Therefore, we are fully committed and focused on providing the highest quality inspection and management software tools available and integrating them into your system.

Bentley Systems
Bentley Systems has acquired InspectTech.
Press Release

InspectTech has been acquired by Bentley Systems Incorporated, the leading provider of comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. The Bentley InspectTech team will continue to develop AASHTO PONTIS BRIDGEWare software.

InspectTech has been selected by the Ohio Department of Transportation to provide a new, integrated statewide inspection and management system for all state, city, and county bridges.

InspectTech has been selected by Montana Rail Link to provide a bridge inspection and management system for improved decision making and compliance with FRA.

InspectTech will provide software for the City of Rockville, MD to better inspect and manage city-owned bridges.

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